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The blog posts and web pages below talk about philosophers who give us the underpinnings for those arguments, like Plato; and the liberal arts education so valued in colonial America, as opposed to the technical education that has come to the forefront in the United States as well as around the world.

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Banning Genius

Celebrating Mediocrity

Philosophical Underpinnings of Society

How Do You Prepare for a Top College?

Why are most “liberals” arts/humanities... types, and very few doctors/engineers/scientists?

Liberal Arts College or Tech School?

Why Go to School?

More on the Origin of Liberal Arts Colleges

Is being a college student tough?

Is an associate degree in liberal arts useless in the eyes of an employer?

What do some colleges require recommendation letters from humanities teacher even if I am applying to a science school?

liberal arts

Young Man Reading by Candlelight” by Matthias Stom (fl. 1615–1649) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

How does one deal with the difference in basic human dignity and respect given to one in an Ivy League college vs. one in a regular college?

Is it true that pursuing a non-STEM degree in college will make you dumber...?

When did gap years start?

Is every younger generation really better than its previous ones intellectually and otherwise?

Why do many students embrace social media, videos, and “game” apps for pleasure but balk at using the same technology for formal learning?

Is it possible to have a high IQ yet mediocre memory? If so, how do you surmount this obstacle (when preparing for law school/med school exams)?

Why do community colleges require humanities majors to take math courses that likely won't transfer anyway?

Is it justifiable for college authorities to terminate a student for cheating in multiple exams?

Should we have a goal in life or should we just take opportunities as they present themselves?

All the Greedy Young Abigail Fishers -- An indictment of affirmative action litigants.

white applicants

[image included in answer linked above]

What do you think about American college admissions moving to weigh acts of caring, kindness, and family support over extracurriculars and scores?

Why aren't more students outraged that society still values college degrees?

How do you convert a spring insight week into a summer internship?

Was just told if my dad quits his job that I will be forced to drop out of college ..., should I even bother going?

When did gap years start?

Shouldn't US colleges and universities return to focus on preparing students for a lifelong career rather than just their first job because of the continual change in the labor market?

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