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Law School admissions has changed!

  • LSAC changed their portal to increase privacy.

  • Data dropped to a 50-year low, then made a sharp upturn in 2018.

  • The LSAT is now offered eight times a year instead of four, and is taken on a tablet instead of on paper!

  • Some law schools are accepting the GRE in lieu of the LSAT.

Our business has grown!

  • We work with international students via Skype;

  • We teach English verbal skills for the SAT and TOEFL;

  • We accept high school students for college admissions;

  • We design home-schooling and activity plans.

All these changes demanded a whole new structure instead of a dusting off and a bit of rearranging. And this 6th edition of our web page will bring you that new structure.


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