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My Proudest Achievements

The most rewarding part of my job is the many great people I've worked with over the years. They work for "biglaw" or small firms, in government practice or private; a few have become law professors, and a few are in Law School Admissions! 

The phone calls with clients who are too giddy, euphoric, or stunned to be coherent, because they were admitted to a law school where they thought they had absolutely no chance of admission, live with me for a long time.

So take a few minutes to look over the faces.  

Each thumbnail is a link, so click on a few to learn more about these wonderful people.  

Perhaps somewhere among the pictures and stories, you can find your own future.  

eric aggie

walton dabney

daryl Sabah Khadri hugo
chak shauna


kevin amanda
andrew kwame connie susmita michael nikki
raphael connie ansel

Group Dinners

Roxy carlos crismend nicpatel samkwak


alison Dan Allender jaime David Chen jimkirk ksandra
aaron danstr eric


rayen son
suzy and roy yavonna miken nicc frias


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