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After 30 years, moving into an integrated educational system,
assisting students from the elementary level through college, graduate and professional schools.

The look of Success

Education, like the economy, is becoming ever more global, with students in the United States eager to enter international economic and political organizations, and international students struggling to achieve the pot of gold at the end of their rainbow: a diploma from a university in the United States.

As the needs of education consulting have changed, so has the focus of my work. The pages you'll find here have been expanded to include early childhood preparation, international students, and preparation for various standardized tests other than the LSAT.

As always, trying to organize hundreds of pages into a manageable form isn't intuitive, but every page and section will be linked to try to give a sense of context to every individual idea. And there's always a handy navigation map to help you choose your next destination! But in general, links dealing with only information are on the left, and links applying more generally to services are on the right.

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