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Lesson 1 - Avoiding Humiliation

  • Resources: Textbooks, hornbooks, and study aids; the law library; study groups.

Study Aids

  • Homework: Briefing, synthesizing, and outlining; time allocation.

Instructions for Brief

  • Law vs. Reality: See the crime, then read about it.

Shooting of John T. Williams

Exoneration of Police Officer

Shaping of Facts

Stipulations to Shape the Case

  • How to Brief Cases: facts, issues, procedure, and rationale.

Facts, Law and Holding

More on Briefing Cases

  • Intentional Torts

Intent and Minors

  • Common Law and Statutes

Changes over Time

  • Mandatory and Persuasive Authority
  • Listening to a Supreme Court Oral Argument

Grutter v. Bollinger

Post-Argument Analysis

Petitioner's Argument

Respondent's Argument

"Compelling Interest"

  • Law and Public Policy

Experience as a Legal Skill

  • Presumptions and Burdens and their effects on outcomes
  • Affirmative and Negating Defenses

Burden of Proof

  • Time, Place, and Court

Time, Place and Court -- Changing Standards

  • Case Law: Separating holding from Dicta

What did the case say?

  • What is and isn't an issue
  • Multiple Issues and Holdings

Identifying the Issue and Holding

  • How to Synthesize cases

Negligence: Duty of Care

  • Review Synthesis


  • Outlining Cases


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