Yavonna Glenn

Why is the link photo a thumbnail of Yavonna's son Kahlil?
 Because I didn't have a photo of Yavonna that I could crop to a thumbnail.  Take a look:

Yavonna and her two kids, Kahlil and Makina, dropped by my Atlanta LSAT class to give them moral support.  We celebrated Yavonna's admission to Santa Clara with dinner at a Jamaican restaurant.
And here's where the kids learn that California may be sunny, but that doesn't mean it's warm. We cut our visit short because it was too cold to play much.  Yavonna says that law school is daunting, but she's not planning to let it beat her.  

2017 Update: seven years out of law school, Yavonna seems to have settled in Texas and is working as a contracts specialist.

I've become famous among my clients for teaching "extra" skills, but Yavonna's is one of my favorites: teaching her how to get the cork unstuck from a bottle of imported French wine.

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