Son Phan

Son Pan at Prom

Son is wearing the traditional Hawaiian lei at his Senior Ball.

Son's team wins Hawaiian Science contest

First place in the Hawaii state science bowl!

Son is the first high school student whom I've helped throughout the application process. I've taken a number of students to visit colleges, and helped several prepare for their SATs. But Son is the first student with whom I went through the essay process.

College essays are quite different from the ones I've done for law schools and medical schools. Because they assign the topic, they're both easier and harder; easier for the student, because they don't have to think so hard about choosing a topic; but harder for me, because I can't just pick the most interesting thing about the student's life – it has to match one of the essay prompts!

At any rate, I guess we did it right, because Son will be starting at one of the premier liberal arts colleges in the country this fall.




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