Sam Kwak

U. of Washington 2002,
Duke Law 2005

Sam's in at Duke, his absolute #1 choice.  He's also in at Oregon, but waitlisted at UW.  I imagine he'll withdraw that and plan a move to North Carolina.

Sam was my very first client when I moved to Seattle, jokingly named my Native Guide.  I repaid the favor by sending him away -- to Duke.  I'll be joining him for graduation (May 2005), then seeing him again in New York this October when I'm there for the Law Forum.  I'd love to quote him, but he didn't write very often -- he just dropped by to see what I was up to.  In fact, that's my favorite quote -- "Loretta, you're culturing me again."  My other favorite is, "You know how you meet people, and they remind you of some other person you knew?  You don't remind me of anyone I've ever met!"

2005 update:

I still spend a lot of time with Sam.  I see him every year when I'm in North Carolina for the HBC tour, and every break when he comes home.  Last summer I saw him in New York, and I'll be flying out for his graduation next month.  He'll start a job this fall at Simpson, Thatcher, & Bartlett, and we've already made plans to meet when I'm in town for the New York Law Forum.  

2008 update:  Sam traded the east coast for the west, working in S, T, & B's Palo Alto office. His big news is his engagement.  He and Grace have set the date for September 27 in the Bay Area, and October 1 in Korea.  

2009 Update: Sam. Grace, and I had time for a brief visit after the San Francisco Law Forum in March and their return from their honeymoon. He reports that Polynesia isn't as exciting in person as it sounded in the brochures.

2011 Update: Sam too has succumbed to the allure of Seattle. He's back here with wife Grace, but we still hardly have time to visit!


2017: Sam became a member of the admissions staff at Indiana-Bloomington in 2013, and before I could even brag about it he parlayed that into a spot working in LLM admissions at Northwestern Law! Now we see even less of each other!

And not an hour after I wrote this note, Dennis Shields,. who had been the Dean of Admissions who admitted Sam to Duke Law School, was hobnobbing with Sam at an LSAC annual conference. This picture showed up on my Facebook page.

Dennis Shields and Sam Kwak




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