Roy Cho and Suzy Gordon

 This picture was taken at Chicago's Navy Pier a day or two before the Law Forum.  My business manager Suzy posed with Roy while I showed them some "trick" photography.  Then Roy had to help me up off the ground.  It's a good thing he was on the wrestling team in college!

Roy is the only client I've had in the last four years to apply and be admitted through a binding early decision program.   Georgetown Law Center is where he's spending his law school years.

2017 Update: Eight years after law school, Roy Cho has made the typical journey through Big Law to Corporate, with a slight twist: in 2014 he ran for Congress!

Now he's settled in as the Vice President in charge of distribution at AMC Networks, a global media industry.

And since I'm living in Durham again, Suzy's my
think-tank when I can steal an evening from her.


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