Roxy Bujanda (and Miles Flint)

Roxy's College Graduation

I think the whole city of Seattle cheered when Roxy graduated college!

Roxy entered my life in 2006, when she came to visit my niece, who was staying with her mom in Kirkland (aka Microsoft Territory). My niece returned to California, but Roxy stayed with us.

She worked for me for about a month, during Law Forum season. She joined me at the New York Law Forum, where she managed to get into every picture for every client! You can see her with Dan Allender, Jeff Sunderland, Shauna Kay Hall, in the group photo at the Hilton, and in one with me and my best friend that isn't posted online.

In 2008 she decided to think about college. We took a tour of over a dozen schools in the midwest, making an enormous figure 8 in and out of O'Hare, near Chicago.

midwestern college tour

(Google Maps wouldn't let me put all our stops, but this gives you the general idea.)

But life had other plans for Roxy. She fell in love with Miles and stayed in Seattle. She graduated from Seattle U. in 2013 got married in 2014, and became the mother of Wesley, who's rapidly approaching his first birthday in 2018.

Rxy's son

I don't think anyone meets Roxy without liking her.
She's the most cheerful, enthusiastic, helpful and happy person I've ever met, and she'll always be one of my successes.


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