Pre-Recession (the early mid-2000s)

Marisa Perry got her J.D. from Michigan, then wandered from Biglaw Chicago to Biglaw New York, and now back to Biglaw Chicago again.

When she lived in Chicago after graduating from Michigan, we ate at Reza's, a Persian restaurant famous for good food and political corruption. When I took Roxy to look at colleges we stayed with her and husband Winston, and met up in New York when a great job offer seduced Marisa and Winston into relocating. Dinner was at a lower-scale eatery, as suits a mom with a two-year-old. The two-year-old is probably ten now, and Mom is a partner at Harris-Winnick-Harris, back in Chicago. I may wander to Chicago for the Law Forum in 2018, so perhaps we'll experience the joys of Persian food again!

Marisa Perry Collier

TJ was admitted everywhere he applied but Yale, and chose Harvard. In February of 2003 I went off to my annual HBC tour. My last email to him before I left said, "You should hear from Harvard in about two weeks." When I returned a week later, I found this e-mail waiting for me:


I called and congratulated him, then said, "I told you Harvard would admit you."
He answered, "Yeah, but I never really believed you!"

TJ is now a partner at Cooley, a major national law firm (even though I don't know it).

TJ Graham

Ryan Hagglund chose Chicago over Harvard, opting for the convenience of familiarity.  He declined a spot on Yale's wait list, since last-minute changes aren't his style.  He also turned down Columbia, Michigan, and Berkeley, so I guess he's not as fond of Telegraph Ave. as I am.  2005 Update:  Ryan joined us for dinner in Chicago at Law Forum time.  If I recall correctly, he's on Law Review and happy with his choice.  2008 Update:  Ryan finally left Chicago for New York, where he and his new wife Christina have settled.

2018: Ryan is making big news at Loeb & Loeb, LLP! I guess that Ph.D. in Chemistry is coming in handy.

Greg McNeal

Greg McNeal attended Case Western. Its health law program had made it very high on his list, beating out Penn State Dickinson in the end.  Dean of Admissions Barbara Andelman told me how well Greg is doing, mentioning a national award he won for his Iraq blog. He published an Op-Ed in the New York Times while still in law school.

2018: Greg is now a full professor of law at Pepperdine. His military background in counterterrorism has made him an expert on topics related to technology, law, and policy.
He seems to be fond of drones.



Jamal Saleh is missing and presumed dead!

Jamal took my LSAT class in 2003 (group on sofa, second from left), and was part of my group at Wisconsin, where I've had so many successful students. He stayed in touch with me for the next decade. In 2012, he drove up from California to help me move. We've spoken once or twice since then, but he's been missing from Saipan, where he was working as a public defender, since November of 2017.

Excuse me while I go mourn.

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