Nikki James Gilchrist

Nikki James was one of the folks who attended my farewell dinner in North Carolina, just before I moved to Seattle in 2000.  (We ate at Bullock's Barbecue, of course.)  Saying goodbye to all my great clients, friends and colleagues was the only time I cried over leaving NC.  

I flew into Minneapolis to see Nikki graduate from William Mitchell.  I seem to recall building her a slightly lopsided bookcase as a graduation gift.  

2008 Update:  Nikki and I had lunch on a long layover I had at MSP airport.  She's still in the Twin Cities, and owns a Victorian house in St. Paul. I hope to see her again this summer.

2009 Update: Nikki still lives in St. Paul, and she and Dan got married on New Year's day. I wish them both all the best!

2011: And then there were three: welcome Luke Gilchrist!

2017: While I was busy moving around, I missed the second baby — a bigger, happier family.

Dan and Luke

2017 Update: Nicole James Gilchrist, Senior Counsel at Thrivent Financial.


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