Nick Patel

You can be sure that I didn't take this picture; I can feel the vertigo from my chair in front of the computer!  

Nick chose to attend law school in his home town of Houston, so his wife would have support systems in place -- especially when they're expecting their second baby! He began at U. of Houston in their summer program.

In October he wrote:  

I finished my first semester (summer) and am now well into the second. I took Civ Pro and Legal Writing the first semester ... This semester I'm taking Contracts and Crim Law.  Our professor is Socrates himself. He IS very entertaining, though. Crim Law is by far more interesting, albeit depressing, what with all the child abuse in the cases we are reading.  

Now this photo must have been taken before Nick started law school; father and son both look much too calm and rested for any other explanation!

2017 Update: Nick made Law Review and parlayed his undergrad in electrical engineering with his law degree into a high-powered patent attorney!


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