Nic Campbell

I try to meet my clients at interesting places; in New York there are plenty of places to meet, but not many with clear views so you can spot a total stranger.  Fortunately, F.A.O. Schwarz has a lovely plaza in front of the store, and snacks and beverages from street vendors a few feet away make it a surprisingly pleasant place to spend an hour or two.  And if you get bored, you can always wander in to browse the best toys you can imagine.

Nic spent time with us at Tiffany's, too. It was a memorable experience for both of us.

A family illness caused Nic to quit his job and move home.  Rather than find himself at odds for several months, he chose to apply for January admittance.  He's already survived his first finals at South Texas, where Dean of Admissions Alicia Cramer says he acquitted himself quite respectably.

2017 Update: I see that Nic was articles editor for the Corporate Counsel Journal in law school; I'm glad I nagged him about his writing! Now he's working as Corporate Counsel.

Nic Campbell


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