Mae, Med Student

Most of my clients apply to law school, but Elaine (who can also be seen in this picture, diagonally opposite Alison) and I met in ceramics class. She's my biggest med school success ever -- seven interviews, and seven offers! We worked on the MCAT, the application, and the interviews, and as you can see, she now wears the white lab coat of her noble profession.

Elaine had spent time in South America before she began medical school. We lifted these two screen shots from a video on You Tube about the work her group did over summer break.

Mae on a Service Mission

2017 update: after appropriate residencies and certifications, Elaine returned to Central Washington, where she went to both undergrad and medical school, to continue the pediatric work she always loved:

Dennis and Marchaun

dennis at GW

Dennis and longtime friend Marchaun suffer through my photo mania
when we visited Georgetown Law in 2009. Note that official Visitor's passes are required.

2011: Marchaun is graduating from Northeastern in Boston. I had to decline the E-vite, but I'm hoping he can take an hour off from Bar Exam studies to have dinner with me when I attend NAPLA in June. Dennis has just finished his 1L year at GW. He'll be clerking for a judge in Los Angeles over the summer.

2018: Dennis is moving up in the world -- geographically as well as professionally! Cybersecurity in the United Kingdom.

Dennis Holmes, 2018

José, Bobby Honeyghan, Thomas (TJ) Grier and JohnPaul LeCedre

Jose, Bobby, TJ and JohnPaul at Venice Beach

(José, far left, hasn't kept in touch after starting at Santa Clara, and JohnPaul has his own page.)

Bobby's still running a business in DC while attending law school part-time. Maryland offered in-state tuition, but American offered a big scholarship... In the end, American won out, because they offered more of the courses that interested Bobby.

And how did TJ get into Ohio State? I'd say it's because he always wears that smile. TJ's energy is contagious, and part of his admission offer is the hope that he'll infect a few of his classmates with his exuberant desire to make the world a better place.

2018 Update: TJ has added a wife, Lisa, two babies, and his own law firm, to his list of accomplishments.

Megan Sheffield


Paul, Nsenga, employee Erika, Megan and Efrem at the Los Angeles Law Forum, February 2010.

Megan Sheffield was referred to me by Ashley Waddell; I believe they had gone to college together and both worked on Latin American human rights issues.

Megan's essays, grades and LSAT score were all good enough to interest a number of schools. She had the potential to be offered a seat at Georgetown, but she felt Texas was a better fit programmatically and emotionally, and withdrew her name from the wait list.

We kept in touch a bit, but my last email seems to have arrived on Thanksgiving day:

Happy Thanksgiving! I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all the help you have given me and for believing in me.  Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement, for sharing your stories with me, and for helping me believe in myself.  I hope you have a wonderful day!

2018 update: Megan is still working with the Equal Justice Center in Austin TX, trying to get legislation passed to protect the DREAMers.

Megan's classmate, Robert Urenda, is also working at immigration law in Texas.


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