Michael Bryant Hicks

[Michael (right) and his proud father at an awards ceremony.]  [22k]

(A proud papa at Michael's Phi Beta Kappa induction.) Quote me? Loretta, I've said so many wonderful things about you in the last year that you could write practically anything, and I would have said it. Say whatever you want. Say, 'Loretta is great! Loretta is wonderful! She knows all the rules!.' Whatever you can think of to say, I'm sure I've said it to someone.

Michael Bryant Hicks

Yale Law '99

Michael spent a semester in Armenia, Colombia, studying South American civil rights laws and their implementation. He returned in May to work at two different internships and has been offered a six-figure salary for a post-graduation-and clerkship job, as well as a fellowship to return to his research in South America.  

2001 Update:

Michael chose the clerkship, then the fellowship, and is now studying in Ecuador. He should be returning sometime this summer. We managed a visit in NC right before we both moved.
Michael's son


Michael has left Texas for Cal -- Long Beach, to be precise.  He's Associate General Counsel in the Legal Department of Beckman Coulter, Inc., a medical technology company. And he increased his family by one baby boy.

I got to babysit one evening when employee Erika and I were in Los Angeles while Michael ran some errands.When Erika heard me coo and babble at the baby, she asked, "Are you going to do that the whole time he's here?" When I said "probably," she picked up her book and headed for the lobby.


Michael's son has become my youngest client. Rather than go through several different school systems during the transition from West Coast to East, Michael asked me to help design the homeschooling plan for his son. We've also trained for and passed the CogAT, so there's an elite school in this young man's future!

2018 Update: Michael Bryant Hicks, General Counsel at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals and member of the Practicing Law Institute.


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