LSAT Classes

Since I left Philadelphia, I've kept my LSAT classes small -- 4 to 10 students at a time.  Such small groups spending a week to ten days together tend to bond, and we've had some great groups.

My very first LSAT class after I Moved to Seattle, 2000, plus the guys who drove the truck and my life's memories

My first class in Seattle included my first visit to the famous Troll under the Bridge. To the rest of the world he may just be a fairy tale, but to Seattleites he's a local celebrity. This, by the way, is trick photography; only one person posed at a time, and the plaque describing His Eminence is about a foot wide.

another group at the Fremont Troll

Another group at the Fremont troll – Joe, Mike, Alison, and Dan.
Fortunately, there was plenty of room to share the troll with the boy on the far right, who's with a different group.
2002 LSAT Class

Another favorite photo op is at Golden Garden Park, about three miles from my house. The background is Puget Sound, a bay studded with islands all the way up to Canada (150 miles or so). Across the bay you can see the Olympic Peninsula with its snow-covered mountains, and beyond that, perhaps a hundred miles west of Seattle, the Pacific Ocean begins.


As you can tell by the grim faces, this photo was taken near the end of the class; we're a tired bunch.

This was one of my first out-of-town LSAT classes. I was living in North Carolina and flew into Los Angeles for two weeks.

Tiring as it is to spend two weeks on the road, I always enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and learn their favorite local haunts. Now I take clients to visit the Third Street Promenade and to dine in Westwood's Persian and Korean neighborhoods, places I learned on this trip.

My first LSAT CLass at UCLA, mid-1990s

in my living room

When the weather didn't accommodate (as it so often doesn't in Seattle), my living room   was always available.

lsat group

This is the day I decided to move to Seattle. You can't see Mt. Rainier behind the fountain, but it's deliberately in a direct line. This was one of my best groups of LSAT students.

Intro to Law School

Intro to Law School crew Marchaun, Dominic, and Queeney join me and Jimi Hendrix.

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