Jim Kirk

[Jim Kirk at New York's Rockefeller Plaza -- 30 k]

(Jim takes a night off from studying to see Manhattan.  That's the Rockefeller Center in the background.)

Well, Long Island is definitely bigger than Mannford, Oklahoma.   I'm really enjoying it so far. And I'm not too far behind in my homework yet -- even after our night in Manhattan.

Thanks again for everything!

Jim Be-Careful-What-You-Wish-for- Because-You-Just-Might-Get-it Kirk

Hofstra 2000

2001 Update:

Jim fell in love with New York, and is making it his permanent home.  I have no plans to travel there this year, so we're putting off dinner for a while. (We managed to meet for dinner two or three times in the next several years.)

2009 update:  Jim has decided to serve his country in a more direct way:

2017: I've tried to update Jim's activities,
but it's hard to find one Captain Kirk!


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