Jamie Kowey Shean

[Jaime Kowey] [USC acceptance letter]
I would never have thought of applying to the west coast without your advice, but you were right -- Los Angeles is great!  I'll be moving there in two weeks.

Thank you again for all your help, and be sure to visit me when you're come out for the Law Forum!

Jaime Kowey (Shean)
UNC '98
USC '01

Jaime and I did manage to visit once out of three years, but I missed both her wedding and her graduation.  

 Here are babies Amelia and Matt.   And this is little brother Andrew.  

Those kids are in high school by now, and I've received many more Christmas cards, but I'm not taking down that picture in the Santa suits!

Congratulations, Jaime and Mark!

2017 Update: After rising to a partnership position at Assayag Mauss, LLP, Jaime left to become General Counsel for Knobbe Martens in Irvine (a stone's throw from the former job). We had dinner when I visited Dean Austin at UC Irvine Law School in 2012.



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