In the Move

No, not "on the move" (although I definitely was); I spent from 2012 to 2014 moving -- out of my old home, into temporary quarters while I decided where to move next, to Durham, NC (where I had lived in the 1990s), and through a few duds here. And in all the moving, my web page didn't get the attention it deserved. So I'm making amends here by highlighting some of my clients whose success stories got less attention than they should have during the transition.

Sal Subasinghe attended UW's Law Fair here in Seattle. He learned that his engineering degrees and experience would offset a low LSAT score. His CLEO acceptance and his attendance at my to my Intro to Law School program offered hope of moving up a bit, and that work paid off.

Sal managed to turn his stellar performance at CLEO and his engineering background into a seat at Houston. This was definitely a dream school for him.

2012: Sal has achieved the unheard-of — straight A's, all "Best Paper." UH Law is inventing an award to give him!

 Sal Subasinghe

2018 Update: Sal is working for King & Spalding, a major biglaw firm, specializing in securities fraud claims and stockholder class actions.

Karl Neumann

Karl Neumann is a champion student for adventurousness. He spent three weeks touring the east coast to decide whether he wanted to spend three years there. He missed his plane accidentally-on-purpose, because he just couldn't see enough of Boston, New York, Philly and DC. Ka Sandra Rogiér's mother offered her hospitality to Karl in DC, and likes him so much she calls him "my other son." A special thank you to KaSandra for helping arrange a place for Karl to stay, to Mom for being so open-hearted, and to Karl, for being the kind of guy whom people like to help.

Karl turned his CLEO performance into a seat at Illinois! It doesn't offer the excitement of the east coast, but it's too good a school to pass up.

2012 update: Another wow — Dean's List! And apparently there were a lot more Dean's Lists, because Karl graduated magna cum laude, and is working for Cozen and O'Connor, specializing in Aviation cases -- a good thing to be doing in Boeing territory.

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones got a quick admission to Cleveland Marshall to take some of the stress off, then a seat at Pacific-McGeorge in May. And in August, she got into Connecticut, winning the annual last-minute pool. She was already driving the U-Haul when the call came. I still remember the comedy. I got a phone call from then-Dean-of-Admissions Karen DeMeola, asking if my client still wanted the seat. And I knew that she had planned to start the drive from Southern California that day.

I called her and asked, "So, have you started driving?"

"Yes, but only about a half hour ago; we got a late start."

"Oh, good. Instead of heading for Sacramento, would you like to drive to Hartford, CT?"

Dad was driving the other car, a coffee stop was made, and the GPS was set for a much longer ride.

Elizabeth's now providing representation in employment law at Casper & DeToledo.

Dean Fleyzor

Dean Fleyzor

Dean attended the DC Forum with us. I have two clear memories of the day before the Forum in 2010. One is of his walking Embassy Row with me and Erika and astonishing both of us with his knowledge of every flag and an anecdote about the country's history, politics, or scandals. The other is the look on his and Erika's faces as I whizzed backwards on my wheelchair-walker through the sculpture at the Corcoran Gallery.

He got accepted at New York Law School, Widener and a few others, but the winner was Baltimore — I think the choice was based on "least likely to snow."

2013 Update: Dean just wrote me,

"Baltimore turned out to be a great decision for me. I love the school and the city. Last summer I interned for a bankruptcy law firm and decided I found certain civil law subjects too boring for me. This summer I will be interning for the Honorable Lynn K. Stewart, who will be on a felony docket in the Circuit Court of Baltimore City. UB's clinical program accepted me to work under Rule 16 as a practicing student attorney. Through this program, I will work under an Assistant State's Attorney and prosecute my own cases for a semester. A long way from the Dean you met long ago, I'm sure!

And since then, Dean's come even further; he's now working for the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland.


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