Hugo Rojas

[Hugo takes a break from law school with daughter Elena and son Lucas. ]

My most memorable conversation with Hugo was our second one.  In our first phone call, he was all set to apply to law school; he said that his wife Lori had been part of the decision.  So when he called me a few days later saying she wanted to rethink the changes law school would bring, I expressed my surprise. Hugo's answer was, "It turns out she didn't think I was serious; now that she realizes I am, she wants to rethink the whole idea."

Fortunately for all of us, Lori decided that the family could withstand a few years of upheaval.  She and Hugo packed up the kids and moved from Chicago to Madison, and I got a great guy for a client.

Now that Hugo has graduated law school, he's accepted a job in Milwaukee.  We managed to squeeze in a lunch in August of 2008.  
In 2005, Hugo Rojas (second from right) drove up from Chicago to meet some of his future classmates, and Nam Dao (far right), in the 1L class, traded a free dinner (and a fine one) for letting himself be pestered with the "what's law school really like?" questions.  Thanks again to Dean of Admissions Mike Hall for allowing me to join them for Admitted Students' Weekend.

2017 Update: Hugo is still in Milwaukee, where he's made quite a name for himself in Immigration and Employment Law.


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