Erin must be camera-shy. All my photos of her seem to be taken from a distance, and a bit blurry.   On the other hand, it may speak to my poor photographic skills.  

erin at Golden Garden

My failed photos were taken when we went visiting law schools back in August of 2004.  

Erin at Case

Mom, of course, did a much better job. I think that's because mothers have the power to force you to pose.


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Erin in NYC

My two favorite stories from the trip happened in New York:

On the second day of the trip, we were staying in Newark.  We hopped a PATH train to Greenwich Village, where she bought orchids on a street corner.  For the next week, we traveled with a vase of orchids in the car, and she brought them home with her at the end of the journey.  

On the way back to home, I asked her if she wanted to go to law school in NYC.  Her "no" didn't really surprise me, because of all the crime stories she'd heard.  When she attributed her decision to the rent, I was a bit mystified, but she said, "Crime is a possibility; rent is a certainty."


Erin made Dean's list her first semester at Case, proving that it really is the right school for her.  

Summer 2006:  Erin wrote, "I am not in Cleveland this summer. My brother got married in Italy last week so I just HAD to come over to partake in the festivities. Sisterly duties are so rough."

2008 Update: As Erin prepares to GRADUATE, she adds:

" The professors are great. Case has real experts teaching courses such as Paul Giannelli for Evidence, Lewis Katz for Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, and Michael Scharf for International Law, in addition to great adjunct professors that provide quality, real life explanations."

In October of 2010, Erin wrote:

I passed the July 2008 NY state bar, lived in D.C. for a year, then moved to NYC.  For two years I have worked for a global technology company in the contracts department. It's a great alternative to firm life and has greater mobility geographically.

2017 update: Erin's still living in New York, and working in transactional law for American Express.