Eric Voigt

I can't believe I had to wait until 2009 to get a picture of Eric! When he sent it, he wrote,

 I know, I look too professional!  

Eric began working for me in 1997. At the time he hadn't the faintest interest in attending law school; but after three years of hanging out with me, he was infected.

In a cosmic sense, Eric may be no more special than the many other people I've helped in 20-odd years, but in a personal sense, he was far more. We had three years together as boss and employee, eating dinners at Bullock's Barbecue, playing music, even attending a Peter, Paul and Mary concert together and driving four hours each way to do it! I drove him to see The U. of Oregon Law School, where he was handed his acceptance letter in person, watched to make sure he didn't fall off the roof when he installed my Christmas lights, and forgave him when he did fall off the ladder and break my kitchen table. [My rare, precious, antique kitchen table, Eric.]

Don't think this was a rosy picture; we argued politics, sex, politics, religion, politics, society, and politics, almost every week. But I knew I had found my profession before working with Eric; afterwards, I knew I'd found my life's love. God bless you, Eric, and may you find your life's love too.

I wrote Eric more than one recommendation, as he spent his summers away from Durham. My favorite is this one:

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Eric Voigt. 

Eric has worked for me for three years while he was in college.  He has been the most courteous, honest, and responsible employee I have had in ten years.  I wholeheartedly recommend him as an employee, tenant, intern, or anything else I can imagine recommending him for.  

Eric had to "settle" for Bloomington, since Carolina never went to their wait list.  His first email to me said, "I never knew there could be this much homework."  He spent his first summer here in Seattle, interning with the D.A.'s office, so I had a lot of fun showing off my new home.  I could tell a lot more stories, since we worked together for three years, but since he's not filling the internet with tall tales about me, I'll return the favor.

I went rummaging through a stack of film photos I took in the 90's, and found one of Eric on our trip through Oregon in February of 2000. He wanted to see this waterfall, as did I, but I wanted to see it from the bottom while he climbed up. That picture didn't come out so well -- that bridge up there is too far away -- but Eric, I hope you remember that awesome ride along the Columbia River, and up through wherever, having to pull over for five minutes while a herd of deer crossed the road. It was one of the peak experiences of my life.

DeLoggio Achievement Program Alumnus Eric Voigt


  2005 update:  I haven't seen Eric since his summer here, but we email and even talk on the phone once in a blue moon.  He's working for Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L. in Dayton, Ohio.  I invited him out to visit for the Bob Dylan show at the Experience Music Project, and he wrote:

"I am glad that you remember that I LOVE Bob Dylan.  I called up the rock and roll hall of fame to see if it will be having this exhibit next (b/c this museum is only 3 hours from me).  The lady said that it will come to Cleveland in summer 2006.  Not sure if i can wait that long, soooo, I am tempted to come.  I already have many vacation days planned for next year. but, I would like to see you again."

So who knows?  Maybe I'll get him out here and be able to add a photo link.

2008 Update: Eric never made it back to Seattle, but I saw him in Dayton this summer, where we had time for a quick dinner and an introduction to his fiance. Roxy, who was touring with me to look at colleges, said she felt like old friends after a single meal!

2011 Update: Eric is now a law professor! He's teaching legal writing at Faulkner in Montgomery, AL.

2013 update: It's a shame this picture won't blow up larger without losing quality, because it's a great photo. Eric has it on his web page. Eric, tell that kid who took the pic to take some art classes; he's got a great eye.

Eric with wife Julie and baby Annie. I know you'll make a great dad, but you'll have to let me know whether fathering diminishes that ever-sunny outlook on life.

Eric and family

2017 Update: Eric and I sadly parted ways over the Supreme Court's various rulings on same-sex marriage. It was the first time in 20 years that we were unable to agree to disagree. My side of the argument is recorded in my blog on Quora; Eric will have to speak for himself.



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