Atlanta '07 -- Three for Three!

Atlanta 2007

After the Atlanta Law Forum, Corlandos, Romy, Ashley, Suzy and I headed for one of the better Mexican restaurants in town, Mama Ninfa's

Corlandos Scott (front left in the 2007 Atlanta Forum photo) had many great offers. For a while, Michigan and Cornell fought over him, but they both almost lost him -- not to another school, but for a chance at a role in a movie. Ultimately he decided that law school was much more of a certainty than a Hollywood audition, and I saw him happily settled in at Ann Arbor that fall, when we had a bite at Zingerman's. Dean of Admissions Sarah Zearfoss promised me a photo of him in an indiscreet moment, and if it arrives, he'll get his own page.

Corlandos entered law school with two careers, and left with two. One, as you might expect, is being a lawyer. The other is one he walked in with -- acting:

"Corlandos Scott was born as Corlandos Ra-Mon Scott. He is an actor and producer, known for Westworld (2016), Hayride 2 (2015) and A Cowgirl's Story (2017). He has been married to Tamara J. Scott since May 16, 2009" [IMDb] His legal career focuses on entertainment law.

Romy (next to Corlandos) wants to keep a low profile, so I'll only say he went to Berkeley.

Ashley Waddell, on the right, blocking your view of the chef in the mural, was admitted to Minnesota early on, then fell into the LSAT-not-quite-high-enough limbo everywhere else.  Finally, after almost two months, she got into Emory and Cornell on the same day. After a month or so of thinking that Cornell would be her school, she got a last-minute call from Georgetown and headed for DC. And, based on her biography at Hooper Hathaway, she did great things there! (Brother Justin joined Ashley at Georgetown, and is now working at Arconic.

So who's person #4 in my three-for-three? That's my longtime office manager and Forum partner, Suzy Gordon. We're still in touch and still consult, but her schedule and mine just don't mesh any more, so we don't work together on a regular basis.
Roy and Suzy


Suzy's degrees (B.A and M.A.) in Counseling made her the perfect balance to my lawyer brain. When I couldn't convince a client to report a minor legal infraction or to give up on a T-14 school, Suzy could be the voice of consolation to soothe my yell of reason.

<< Suzy with Roy Cho at Chicago's Navy Pier.


Neerav Shah

LSAT students Neerav, Ryan and Manu pose in my back yard with employee Candace.

Neerav's admission to the University of Texas is one of my favorite stories, because it clearly shows the power of an essay.
Neerav had taken the LSAT twice, and the second score was definitely high enough for the University of Texas; unfortunately, in 2008 they were one of the few schools that still averaged multiple scores. His grades were fine, and with his average LSAT score, he was put on a waitlist.
I spoke to the Dean of Admissions, and she told me that he had virtually no chance of being called, because she was looking to admit more women into her class at that time. So you can imagine our total shock when Neerav got the magic phone call three or four weeks later. I called the Dean of Admissions, and told her how surprised and grateful we were. She said approximately, "Oh, is that the young man you spoke to me about? You know, it's really funny. I started out the day with 500 files, and I planned to reject 450 and keep 50 on the waitlist. After reading his file, I was reaching to put it on the waitlist stack, but there was something about that essay that made me pull it back and read it again, and pick up the phone."

That's the power of a good essay.

Gary gets the Cliff-Hanger of the Year Award.


That's Gary with Osbelia at the Los Angeles Law Forum back in November of 2007.  What a great pair of smiles! (And notice how both of them are dressed to match their eyes!)  

He had been admitted to Cleveland State, but was on Ohio State's wait list. He spent his summer at CLEO, where his grades and inimitable interview style impressed the rep from Pittsburgh.

On August 10 he called me in a panic, saying "What will I do? I don't even know where I'm going!"
And since Gary lived in Seattle, I told him, "Yes you do: east. Start driving on I-90 and call me when you hit Chicago."
The gods of the wait list smiled upon him, and somewhere near Madison Wisconsin his phone rang. Two days later he was apartment-hunting in Pittsburgh.

Gary and I are as kindred as two spirits can be; we're both Italian, gay, loud, and know that "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving" (to quote Auntie Mame).

When I went home to Philadelphia in the winter of 2009, Gary came in from Pittsburgh to meet me. Among the many sights we took in was one that seems to only be appreciated after you attend law school: the Liberty Bell.

Gary atthe Liberty Bell

2018: Gary got an LL.M. in federal tax law as well as a certificate in state and local tax law from Georgetown. He worked for a short time as an auditor for the state of Illinois when Georgetown decided they missed that pretty smile, and called him back to be a recruiter for their LLM programs. Unfortunately, a disability has limited a very promising legal career, but won't interfere with a lifetime of memories.


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