Dennis Holmes

dennis at GW

Dennis and longtime friend Marchaun suffer through my photo mania
when we visited Georgetown Law in 2009. Note that official Visitor's passes are required.

dennis in DC

Pablo also joined us. I assume my employee was taking the picture, since I'm in front of the shutter.

2011: Dennis has just finished his 1L year at GW. He'll be clerking for a judge in Los Angeles over the summer. Marchaun is graduating from Northeastern in Boston. I had to decline the E-vite, but I'm hoping he can take an hour off from Bar Exam studies to have dinner with me when I attend NAPLA in June.

2013: Dennis has finished the grueling California Bar, and gets a few weeks' rest before beginning a job in sunny southern Cal.

2018: Dennis is moving up in the world -- geographically as well as professionally! Cybersecurity in the United Kingdom:

Dennis Holmes, 2018


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