David Chen (and brother Charlie)

2009 DeLoggio Achievement Program Alumnus David Chen

David [left] with Jaron Brunner and Lingxi Kong at U. of Missouri, Columbia campus, on our May 2009 road trip. Read all about the trip here. David spent more time with me, both on the phone and in person, than almost any other client. In fact, all three of the guys in this photo spent more than a week with me and lived to tell about it!

St. Louis Arch

Prophetic that David graduated from Wash. U. in St. Louis, home of the Arch

David has a seat at Case Western, and he fell in love with Wake Forest when he visited. Eventually, however,the realities of the job market (Wake places primarily in the south; Case places in the north and midwest, where he'd eventually like to practice) caused him to let go of southern charm and look for housing in Cleveland. With his strong 1L performance, David was able to transfer into Wash. U. in St. Louis, a real coup given his lack of work experience.

David Chen connected back into my life in an almost mystical way a few years later.

I got an email from a young man who signed himself "Charlie," asking whether I helped people gain admission to medical school. I said I did, and we agreed to talk. About an hour into our first phone conversation, I asked, "Are you Chinese, by any chance?" He said he was, and wondered how I knew, since he had a solidly Midwestern accent. I answered, "This is really stupid, but you sound like a client I had several years ago named David Chen." He laughed and said, "David's my brother!"

Charlie got his MCAT score back, and we improved his numerical score by 2 points (big deal in MCAT-land) and his writing sample (yes, for med school they grade them) by 3 steps out of 10. It completely changes his list of schools. He was admitted to Wayne State med school, his first choice, since he'd done his undergrad there and was comfortable with the environment and friends. Congratulations, Charlie!

We got Charlie into medical school, but we never did figure out what there was about the voices that made a link somewhere deep in the recesses of my brain.

2017 update: David's become an expert on cyber-extortion, the latest form of privacy invasion attacking that sweeping the web. He's working at Bryan Cave.