Darryl Ong


This photo a few hours after daughter Caroline was born is the one most people see, but I prefer the one below: a brand-new father, a bit frazzled, a bit in awe, and positive he's holding the most important little bundle in the world.


Darryl Ong and baby Caroline
Acceptance letters can hardly compare to a new daughter, but they were welcome nonetheless. Darryl's combination of biotech, engineering, and computers makes him very attractive to a lot of schools. UConn and San Francisco made offers, but Santa Clara's part time program fits the bill best, allowing the family to remain in their Bay Area home.

2012 Update:

Both Dad and daughter have grown up a bit while my back was turned. Darryl's wearing the hundred-thousand dollar hat (I know it actually costs more, but it alliterates), and Caroline's about ready to start the educational journey that Dad just finished. (The photo with daughter is for private consumption only; isn't it sad that we live in a world where parents have to be afraid to let the world see their children?)

Thank you, Darryl, for keeping in touch throughout the journey; with any luck, I'll still be here when you need help with Caroline's SATs.

Darryl Ong at Graduation

2017 update: Darryl's LinkedIn page says he's working for Kirkland and Ellis in Palo Alto.

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