Danny Frias

Getty Atrium

A glass jar from Pompeii, over 2,000 years old.


Danny Frias


Before heading to Los Angeles for the Law Forum, I had read an article about the Getty Villa in Malibu. It's an as-exact-as-possible reproduction of a villa buried beneath the ashes of Pompeii, and most of the statuary, glassware and jewelry has been unearthed by archeologists. The villa is considered gaudy by more conservative art critics; I just found it to be Italian.

Danny Frias joined me for an afternoon of delightful education. We took many more pictures of the estate than we did of each other, but it was well worth it.

Danny was thinking of waiting a year to apply to law school, so that his brother would be finished getting his M.B.A. and Danny could hand over the operation of the family business, but fate had other plans in store. When he got his acceptance letter to CLEO, we made a decision to push for an acceptance letter this year. Then, unfortunately, the family business called him back home. But we had the Getty Villa, among other fond memories.


Getty Fountain


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