Daniel Allender

   Dan Allender journeyed from Heber Springs, Arkansas to Manhattan for the Law Forum. 

Dan, Tanya, and Roxy at the top of the Empire State Building,
one of the many stops we made in our whirlwind tour of NYC.

Dan with Shauna, Sid and Roxy,
on Forum day.

On January 31, Dan wrote,

I got called by the Dean of Admissions at 9 o'clock tonight to let me know that she had just signed off on my application and wanted me to know why Minn is a great fit for me. Needless to say, I'm very excited.

You rock!


He and his mom went up for admitted students' weekend, and both of them thought Minneapolis and UM would be a great fit for Dan.  

Then, on July 27, a miracle happened. Dan got an e-mail from Duke. We scrambled to get his deposit paid, air fare booked, and a new suit bought in a single day. Congrats, Dan!

2011 Update: Dan made Law Review and published an article on the landmark Gay Rights case, Lawrence v. Texas. He clerked for a year and is now working for Irell in Los Angeles. He joined us for dinner in September and we've been in touch since.

2013: Dan is definitely doing well at work, spending a lot of time in England working on document review. He insisted that I come to the Los Angeles Law Forum last year, and I'm insisting that I'll come this year.

It was very nice of him to wear a shirt that already matched my web page background. Nice tie, too. L.A. and London bring out a sense of style that Arkansas (or undergrad) didn't require.

2018: Robins Kaplan's web page is pretty stark, so I included the "Rising Stars" badge.

Dan Allender at Irell 




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