Chakira Hunter Gavazzi

Chak was introduced to me by Ramit (class of 2000) when they were studying at LSE together.  Her first acceptance letter was to Duke, followed in short order by an acceptance at Northwestern. After the holidays, she found out she's in at Michigan, and got a great big scholarship from NW!  Another gloat for me -- I talked her out of applying late last year, since there was no money left in the till.  

My favorite memory of Chakira is actually of my employee Aaron.  He met Chakira at the Houston Law Forum, and he had clearly never met such a veritable force of nature before!  It was great watching him laugh so hard!

I could swear I took a picture of her outside Russian Tea Time in Chicago, but I think it's one of the many rolls of film I've lost since airports started X-raying luggage. 

2006 Update:  Chakira's clerking for the 6th Circuit.  At the end of the summer, she'll be going to work for the London office of Latham & Watkins doing transactional work.
Chakira and Daddy

Chakira's twins

2010 Update: Chakira returned to the States, and is living and working in Texas with Matteo and the kids. I bet Grandma is as pleased as a Grandma can be!

I don't know why we love pictures of babies making messes, but we do. Somehow we see more personality in a food fight than in a neatly folded napkin. I like them because they show that the kids are learning and growing in the best possible way -- by exploring! Whatever the reason, these are some of Chak's favorites.

twin # 1

twin #2

2017 Update: Chak's enjoying the laid-back life of Corporate Counsel at Tesoro Corporation, and looking as good as ever!


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