Carlos Eduardo Julca

Carlos met me in DC in July.  He'd never been to our nation's capitol, and wanted to make the most of his visit.  I distinctly recall walking to the White House shortly after midnight.  

That photo is his favorite, but this is mine.  My preference lies partly in everyone's ability to recognize CBS, while the White House -- especially in the dark -- is not all that identifiable.

The other part of my interest in this photo is that the guard unequivocally stated that under absolutely no circumstances was he going to let us in to take a picture -- about two minutes before I convinced him to change his mind.

Carlos chose Wisconsin out of a half dozen acceptances, and finished CLEO near the top of his class, so we're expecting him to continue to make his parents (and himself) very proud.

2017 Update: Carlos was President of the Latino Law Student Association at Wisconsin, works as an international tax lawyer in Miami. You can read all about his marriage to Claudine last October, but I didn't think that link was quite right for this page -- the pictures of beautiful Miami sands and perfect ocean might make us all envious!


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