Alison Perez Jaeger

That's Alison front and center; clockwise from there you'll find me, Dan, Elaine, Joe and Mike.  
We're at my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle.  

We're thrilled that Alison has managed to overcome Total Test Terror and improve her score by 8 points.  

Alison's performance earned her a seat at Iowa. She's adjusting to small town America and learning all about snow.  

2007 Update:  Alison wrote:  

"I recently heard that I made two journals, Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems, and The Journal of Gender, Race and Justice! Also, for the 2007-2008 year I am the treasurer for the Latino Law Students Association and secretary for the Iowa Campaign for Human Rights. Since the beginning of June I've been working at the Law Students for Choice national office in San Francisco researching reproductive rights issues. I feel very lucky to be involved with all that I am and I thought that you'd like to know as well."

I am indeed very happy to learn all this, and proud of all that Alison has accomplished.   So proud, in fact, that I attended her graduation, and wound up planning a whole tour around it!

Alison Perez's friends who flew in for her graduation

When I received Alison's invitation, I called her and asked, "Is this pro forma, or may I actually attend? Her response was approximately, "Well, I didn't expect you to attend, but it's hardly like hoards of Californians are flying out to see me graduate, so there will certainly be space and time."

It turned out she was wrong. Mom, Dad, sister Andria, and three friends to whom I was introduced, but whose names I forgot in all the excitement, made for quite a crowd!

The program (which I'll find someday soon, I swear!) mentions that Alison also graduated as Managing Editor of The Journal of Gender, Race and Justice.

2017 Update: Alison is representing abused and neglected children through the Children's Law Center of California, in Los Angeles. And thanks to the professional woman's practice of keeping the name on the diploma, I can find my clients even after they marry!


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