How Can We Help You?  

What makes our service special is just that -- the service.  There is no mass-produced approach to the DeLoggio Achievement Program.  With a maximum of 30 clients a year, we have time to address the needs of each person.  

Another mark of our quality is our ceaseless effort to update and refine our knowledge.  Our law school data base has information gathered during thousands of personal interviews with admissions officers over more than two decades.  

Our long-standing relationship with admissions officers has led to an added benefit for our clients -- my ability to pick up the phone and talk to admissions officers around the country when there's a question about how to handle a difficult issue.  No other LSAT or admissions service can offer this level of service, at any price.

Can you help some people more than others?

The less information that is generally available, the more valuable our knowledge can be to you.  Members of racial and ethnic minorities, people with physical or learning disabilities, and people with problems in their past -- whether from arrests, poor grades, or unexplained leaves of absence -- will find that we can help them target schools that are responsive to their stories.  This saves you the time, effort and emotional investment of applying to schools that don't want you, while increasing your chance of admission at a school where you'll be happy.

The knowledge we can give mainstream applicants will often be worth only 2 or 3 index points.  As a general rule, that will buy you one step on the reputation ladder.  If that step is important to you, contact us for more information.

Do you give any guarantees?

We never take clients we can't help. If you already have an LSAT score, we will agree on a range of schools before we sign a contract.   If we can't agree, we won't take your money.  If you haven't taken the LSAT yet, we will agree on a reasonable range of schools, and will adjust is as needed once your score comes in.  

If you'd like to know how we can help you, contact us, and we'll set up a phone appointment for you at your convenience. 


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