I've never been a big fan of bragging. When a college newspaper runs a piece on a lecture I give or videotapes of the presentation are added to the prelaw resource library, I'm flattered, but I've felt that calling attention to every time my name gets mentioned is silly.

It's also time-consuming. When I Googled "DeLoggio" in February of 2013 I got 8,730 hits. I have no intention of seeing who, what and where those links go. Some will go to my gay rights work or my support of other minority causes. Some will go to my own web page, some to chat boards, many to colleges and prelaw resource guides. I know that a tiny handful will go to relatives; not many of us have kept the "DeLoggio" name (an Ellis Island adaptation of "della Loggia"). A few will even go to Wiki; everyone gets quoted sooner or later.

In 2009 I was interviewed about returning to school during the financial crisis -- not law related, but a live TV piece was fun nonetheless. You can try the embedded version below now that the TV station has taken down the interview. If you don't see a video, try downloading Quicktime here.

The controls are on the bottom of the screen and nearly invisible, but clicking on the video pauses it and double-clicking starts it again.

After more than ten years of devoting myself to minority admissions, I made it to the big time -- US News called me for a quote. And my usual irreverent style earned me the page highlight:

USNews quotes Loretta DeLoggio


I was quoted on the use (or misuse) of numerical indicators in minority admissions;

USNews quotes Loretta DeLoggio

on the advantages of discussing obstacles you've overcome rather than hiding them;

USNews quotes Loretta DeLoggio

and on writing a clever and interesting essay.

USNews quotes Loretta DeLoggio

Folks tell me I was quoted a fifth time, but I don't have it saved.

I find it ironic that USNews chose me as their expert when I so often attack the misuse of their data, but I'm proud of my fleeting fame nonetheless. Making it into the media without committing a crime is harder to do all the time.


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