Law School Exam Preparation


Unfortunately, succeeding in law school is much harder than getting in.   And SUCCESS = JOB in the current economy. There are jobs appearing, but only the best get them. The same is true of transfers: the top of the class goes off to Columbia or Georgetown, where employers still recruit.


The DeLoggio Law School Exam Program
can help you succeed in this difficult environment. We'll show you how to identify issues on an exam, organize and write a thorough answer, and allocate your time to maximize your grade.  


This class is not intended for pre-law students. You'll be expected to know enough Criminal Law and Torts to participate from the minute you walk in the door.

Program Content and Schedule for 2015

The program covers four 6-hour lessons.

Here's the complete syllabus:

Lesson 1 - Issue Spotting

  • What is an issue
  • What isn't an issue
  • Statutory and Common Law Approaches
  • The Constitution as Statute
  • Finding the Issues You Missed
  • Outlines as Issue-Spotting Tools

Lesson 2 - Organization

  • Identifying the Elements
  • Priority of Elements
  • Negative and Affirmative Defenses
  • The Outcome
  • Outlines as Organizational Tools

Lesson 3 - Writing the Exam

  • Issue, Rule, Fact, and Result
  • How much to write
  • Time Allocation
  • Space Allocation
  • Staying Organized
  • Hiding What You Don't Know
  • Outlines as Exam-Writing Tools

Lesson 4 - Practice Exams

  • Two examination questions, one statutory and one common law, will be written in class and reviewed.
  • Statutory Question will test your ability to address every issue in an organized and succinct manner.
  • Common Law Question will test your ability to integrate doctrine and jurisprudence in determining the outcome of a case.  

Schedule and Costs

Here's the complete schedule:


Day and Time


Orientation Wednesday July 29
Exams Lesson 1 Thursday, noon July 30
Exams Lesson 2 Friday, noon July 31
Exams Lesson 3 Saturday, noon August 1
Exams Lesson 4 Sunday, 10:00 a.m. August 2
travel home Sunday 8:00 p.m. or Monday August 2-3


The course fee will be $500.  A nonrefundable $250 deposit will be due by June 25. The balance will be due on arrival.  

The casebook for the class, as well as the syllabus and handouts, will be provided at no extra cost.  

Rooms at the Extended Stay Hotel by Duke Law School cost $60/night plus tax for a single, $40 each plus tax for a double. Each room has a full kitchen area, so meals can be prepared and brought with you. For those who wish, we'll offer dinner at some local restaurants; these can be a bit pricey; allow $25 per day.

Transportation will be provided for everyone adhering to the schedule we establish.

If you're interested, call or email us today.  




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