DeLoggio Alumnus Alan Maeia DeLoggio Alumna Shauna-Kaye Hall DeLoggio Alumnus Nick Patel DeLoggio Alumna Susannah O'Connor DeLoggio Alumnus Raphael Davis-Wiliams DeLoggio Alumna and husband George
DeLoggio Alumnus Jackie Lewis DeLoggio Alumnus Darryl Ong DeLoggio Alumna Charmaine Neal DeLoggio Alumnus Corey Harris DeLoggio Alumnus Neerav Shah DeLoggio Alumna Nicole Guerrero Danny Frias, DeLoggio Class of 2011

DeLoggio Alumnus Jeff Sunderland

DeLoggio Alumnus Rafael Aguila


2005 duke grad Allison Ridder, DeLoggio Alumna DeLoggio Alumnum Kevin McGrath DeLoggio Alumna Nikki James
DeLoggio Alumna Connie Davis Powell DeLoggio Alumnus Joshua DeLoggio Alumnus Michael Hicks DeLoggio Alumna KaSandra Rogiers Mae,  DeLoggio Med Student


DeLoggio Alumna Meredith Grey
DeLoggio Alumnus Dan Okonmah DeLoggio Alumna Theresa Samson


DeLoggio Alumnus Joe Pipinich DeLoggio Alumnus Lance Broumand
DeLoggio Alumna Rayen Pierattini DeLoggio Alunus Jim Kirk DeLoggio Alumnus Darryl Thomas DeLoggio Alumna Angela Itoge
DeLoggio Alumnus Andrew Sinn DeLoggio Alumna Jaime Kowey Shean

My Proudest Achievement

The most rewarding part of my job is the many great people I've worked with over the years. They work for "biglaw" or small firms, in government practice or private; a few have become law professors!  

The phone calls with clients who are too giddy, euphoric, or stunned to be coherent, because they were admitted to a law school where they thought they had absolutely no chance of admission, live with me for a long time.

So take a few minutes to look over the faces.  Each thumbnail is a link, so click on a few to learn more about these wonderful people.  Perhaps somewhere among the pictures and stories, you can find your own future.  

DeLoggio Achievement  Program Class of

1990s 2000 2001 2002 2003
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
2009 2010 2011 2012
DeLoggio Alumnus Rodney Tolentino DeLoggio Alumna Lori DeLoggio Filios
Keron James, DeLoggio Alumnus from the North Carolina Years DeLoggio Alumnus JohnPaul LeCedre DeLoggio Alumna Chrystal DeHart DeLoggio Alumnus Nam Dao
DeLoggio Alumnus Hassan and Family Fromer DeLoggio Employee and Law Student Eric Voigt DeLoggio Client Kwame Jackson Hugo, Elena, and Lucas
DeLoggio Alumnus Mike Negron


DeLoggio Alumnus Sam Kwak
DeLoggio Alumnus Carlos Julca Son of  DeLoggio Alumna Yavonna Glenn DeLoggio Alumnus Kenn Bailey DeLoggio Alumnus Abdias Rodriguez
Michael Provencher DeLoggio Alumnus Guy Tshiteya DeLoggio Alumna Alicia Tomolo DeLoggio Alumnus Isidro Panizales DeLoggio Alumna Augustina Davis DeLoggio Alumnus Chris Mendoza 2009 iowa Grad Alison Perez, DeLoggio Alumna
DeLoggio Alumna Amanda Barrera Dennis


DeLoggio Alumna Laura Ashley Daniel Smith DeLoggio Alumnus Nic Campbell Trevor
DeLoggio Alumnus Roy Cho with Employee Emeritus Suzy Gordon DeLoggio Alumnus Niko Whitt DeLoggio Alumna Chakira Justin Waddell, DeLoggio CLass of 2010 Asley Waddell, DeLoggio Alumna DeLoggio Alumna ChaoChin Yun

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