Michael Provencher

Michael Provencher,

[NCCU graduation day, May 2014]
Richmond Law School, Class of 2017

This is a very rare picture of Michael — one in which he's not with Mary.
More often when I see him, he looks like this:


Michael and Mary

Michael and I spent a lot pf time together — he took all three of my classes (LSAT, Admissions, and Intro to Law School) and earned himself several acceptance letters.

Since he was already shopping for engagement rings, he knew he didn't want to wander too far from North Carolina, where Mary was still in school. That made Richmond and Wake Forest the front runners; they were within fifty miles of equal distance to Mary's house.

We drove up to Richmond, and the usual superb treatment we received from all the admissions staff, plus a very generous financial aid package, made the decision.

Michael finished his first semester with fine grades, Mary finished her Associate's degree program, and they decided it was time to make their commitment formal.

On bended knee

Michael's been one of my biggest cheerleaders, and keeps in touch regularly, so expect updates.

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