Nicole Guerrero 

Rayen and Nicole at Wisconsin.  Mama Pierattini took so many pictures she made me seem like a slacker!  Nicole came to visit me at Christmas, since her boyfriend's family lives near Seattle.  We discovered that we share a fondness for old movies, and I lent her several from my collection.  (Yes, she returned them, which is more than I can say about certain other people.)  

In August she wrote,

"I can't say thank you enough for getting me into to my dream school....You have totally changed my life."

And in  March she checked in with the following:

"I have to say that I truly love law school, and Duke is a perfect fit for me. My friends are amazing, my professors are amazing, and Durham is under-rated. I can honestly say that I enjoy my classes and every day I realize just how naive I have been (and it makes me wonder about the U.S. population as a whole!). ... Law school is not only about me learning the law, but it is about me learning who I am.  It's truly terrific."

Nicole was an associate at Quarles & Brady Streich Lang in Phoenix her 1L summer.

And in January 2008, she added:

"I am THRILLED to be graduating this May. I accepted an offer with a law firm in Seattle. Sean and I are looking for a place in Greenlake. I am very excited, I love Seattle and the people."

It'll be great having her and Sean here; I may have mentioned our common interest in old movies, and I'll have someone to water the one lonely houseplant while I'm on the road.


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