Nam Dao

Nam is one of the local clients I'm proudest to have helped.  From a small village in Viet Nam, his family went to Sacramento, CA, Port Arthur, TX, and Seattle, WA, where our paths crossed.  I expanded his horizons a bit by taking him to the New York Law Forum and sending him to CLEO in Chicago.  Now he's settled into Madison, WI, where he's finishing his first year of law school.  We also had a cultural exchange; he taught me to make Tum Kha Gai and Spring Rolls, and I taught him to appreciate Frank Sinatra.

Nam was renting a room from me when his acceptance letter to Wisconsin arrived.  My sister and I ran off to Kinko's, and by the time he arrived home from work we had papered the hallway, the door to his room, and a trail up to his desk where the original was waiting.  It was easy to stash one extra copy away for my files, so I could show it off here.  

2006 update: Nam spent his summer at Thompson, Hine in Cleveland, and has already received an offer for after graduation.

2008 Update: After graduating and passing the Ohio Bar, Nam continues to work for Thompson, Hine in Cleveland. Although he enjoys his job, I think he misses Seattle -- and who wouldn't?

2011 Update: homesickness won out; Nam is back here in Seattle, working as a patent attorney.

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