Marcia Bobb

DeLoggio Alumna Marcia Bobb and husband George

The gentleman with Marcia is George.  She chose her law schools with him in mind.

A year ago it all sounded romantic:  an August wedding, a short but blissful honeymoon, and the support of an already-a-lawyer husband as she starts law school.  Now it all sounds stressful: are the invitations pretty enough, can I find eight sets of matching jewelry for my bridesmaids, does my cake taste good enough?  And why did I decide this was a good thing to do just before I start law school?

In the meantime, those pesky little letters keep popping up in the mail.  One says, "Come to our school; we'll give you money."  Another mentions the dreaded wait list;  a third offers a seat, but no financial incentives. Where will it all settle out?  

Exactly where she hoped it would -- at South Texas College of Law. She has her school and her husband in one place, and is settling in for the three long years with her own private tutor, since George recently graduated law school himself.


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