Keron James

Keron James,
Fayetteville State 2000,
Loyola New Orleans Law School 2003


  I pray you continue to be the wonderful person you are and life gives you your heart's desires.

From: Keron  
Forever Grateful

(Clipped from a group photo of Keron in a step show).

My favorite memory of Keron is the day he was at my house in North Carolina and I played him some Island music by Harry Belafonte.  His whole face lit up, he jumped up and started dancing around the kitchen table, and I made him a copy of the song before he left.

Keron went to Loyola New Orleans.  He turned down some other schools for the big scholarship he got there.

2005 update:

Keron has passed his bar exam and is home in Trinidad working in the family business.  He has plans to move to Atlanta in the near future.  He sent me this lovely card:


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