Jackie Lewis

 Jackie and Tamiko joined me and Suzy for Dim Sum in San Francisco's Chinatown the day before the Law Forum.  (Tamiko decided to postpone law school for a year, so you may see her again in 2007.)

After brunch we headed for Fisherman's Wharf, where Suzy and I saw our first sea lions, and Suzy went on the Alcatraz tour.  

Jackie's beyond ecstatic at her admission to both CLEO and William Mitchell.  Apparently, so is husband Bobby.  The news arrived while Jackie was flying to New York for business.  By the time she had landed, he'd called their kids, their parents, their friends, and even a few business associates!  

Jackie dressed a bit more formally for the Forum the next day.  We grabbed a quick meal before she headed back to the other side of the Bay.

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