Graduation Day!

marchaun graduates from northeastern

I'm equally proud of all my graduates. They all worked hard to take giant steps forward in their lives. But I'm flattered when someone thinks of me in the nostalgic moments that invariably accompany graduation. Marchaun wasn't my admissions client, but he took my Intro to Law School class, and I'm glad to see that he considers me to be part of his success story. I won't make it to graduation, but I hope to see him in Boston a few weeks later, when I attend the NAPLA conference.


Monica Cloud

 Monica Cloud was last seen representing Washburn at one of the Law Forums.  I must admit that she's one of the few people I've seen who looks good after three years of law school!

Vermont Law School

Hassan Parrish won the "Most Memorable Phone Call" award the day he was admitted to Vermont Law School.  He was so shocked he was tongue-tied!  I hope Harold (his dad) was as proud of Hassan at graduation as he was when his son began law school.


pitt 2011


I can't believe that Gary's graduating. Was it already three years ago that he drove that U-Haul from Seattle to Pittsburgh? The phone call offering him a seat off the wait list came on August 14th, and we were both driving around the midwest (in different cars and on different business) when he called me on his cell phone, shouting so loudly that I thought he'd been in an auto accident and nearly caused us to have one!

michigan corlandos

Corlandos's graduation announcement looks the same as it did when Marisa sent one; only the name card makes each graduate special.


Marisa Perry sent me an invitation to her graduation from Michigan. The main reason I didn't go is that Marisa has been one of my most loyal alumna; I've seen her every single year since she started law school, visited her and her husband Winston Collier in Chicago, and dined with them at Reza's until it's become a tradition for us.

 Dan's mother Marlene either sent me an invitation that I misplaced, or told me all about it over the phone. "All about it" includes Dan's refusing to release any photos, because he's positive (and rightly so) that Mom will paper the living room walls with them.

I flew to St. Louis and drove five hours to attend this graduation. I know that Alison has a stellar future.

She, too, has her own page in my success stories.

Alison perez's Graduation Ammouncement

Martin Broadway was one of my many great students back when I was in North Carolina.  He worked a few years after college, before going off to law school.  It's great to see that he's starting a new career.

2005 Update:  Martin emailed me:

"I haven't visited your site in a while, but I see it has grown. I am really impressed. As you know, I graduated law school last May from NC Central and just passed the North Carolina Bar! I couldn't have done it without you!"

Announcement of Aggie Davis's Graduation from Cleveland State

Every client is special to me, for many different reasons. Aggie will always stand out as the one who drove to every Hilton in Chicago until she found me! Such determination deserves its reward.

Alician Tomolo's graduationa Announcement



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