Darryl Thomas

Darryl's on the far right, between Clara and the fish tank; I'm on the far left, next to Randy.   
We're in Chicago's Chinatown, just a few blocks from the Law Forum.  

Darryl wins the "best response" award for this year.  He was so stunned to be admitted to CLEO that he couldn't even speak when he called me.  When I asked him to forward the email, he said, "I might have already done that."  

Within days of being admitted to CLEO, Darryl received this wonderful letter in the mail.  He wrote me,

"This letter represents a turning point in the lives of everyone in my family. I don't know how to ever thank you for everything other than to simply say, 'Thank you, Loretta.'"

2008 Update:

Darryl got offered a seat at William Mitchell based on his CLEO performance.  Since staying at home  was a high priority, he jumped at the offer.  He got excellent grades and a great 1L internship with someone; I saved the email, but then my computer got amnesia.

But William Mitchell is as happy with him as I am:  they made him a poster boy!  


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