Charmaine ...

and Christina

Left to right:  Neerav, Christina, Charmaine and Nic.  We had dinner together after the Houston Law Forum.  

Charmaine was one of the lucky people who was saved from the worst stress of applying to law school -- waiting.    She hadn't even sent out all of her apps when she got the acceptance letter from her Number One choice -- FAMU! (Florida A & M University, to the uninitiated.)  

She wrote, "I got my first acceptance letter.....I got in to FAMU!!! I'm so excited!"

This was surrounded by cute little emoticons jumping up and waving, but you all know my web page doesn't do that :)

Charmaine wanted to make sure she was ready for law school after a career in science, so she joined my Intro to Law School Class. On a break, we took photos at Golden Garden Park.

Christina was admitted to Case Western, and her name's on a few wait lists. Unfortunately, 2008 was not a year for wait list action.

Charmaine's posing here with Walton, but I have plenty of Walton pictures, since he lived here. :)


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