Augustina Davis Slaughter
(a/k/a Aggie)

Aggie joined Me and Susannah in Las Vegas back in January. Since she'd never been there before, she stayed an extra day to join me in sight-seeing.  She was particularly tickled with the canal at the Venetian. Neither of us was tickled enough to pay the exorbitant prices for the gondola ride, but it definitely was a a sight worth seeing.  

 Aggie will be off to Cleveland in Fall '05, fulfilling her primary goal of leaving Nebraska.  

2006 Update:  Aggie spent her 1L summer at Squire, Sanders and Dempsey in Cleveland.  Since Aggie and Nam had met each other at one of my client dinners and were both in Cleveland, they hung out together a bit.  (No, no romance, just hung out!)  

2008 update:  Aggie did so well at S, S, & D that they brought her back for her second year. She married her longtime sweetheart Alan Slaughter over the summer as well. The two of them had dinner with me and several other people (an honorary niece, another client, and two admissions officers) this August in Cleveland, and I am beyond proud to see how well she and Alan are doing.

Aggie's graduation announcement is on that brightens my Graduation page. A thousand congrats!

August, 2011: And her daughter Aubrey brighens us right here:

Aubrey Slaughter

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