Trevor Dewey

Trevor in LSAT class

Trevor was in my first LSAT class in Seattle,
the one that made me decide I wanted to move here.

Trevr's LSAT class

He introduced me to my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in town, as well as Dilettante Chocolates, although Will Hope (second from right) was the tour guide for the Troll under the Bridge and Gasworks Park, plus the UW fountain with Mt. Rainier directly behind it (on a clearer day).

Trevor got into Northwestern Law School with a little help from me and a lot of help from his colorful background and writing. I don't know which impressed them more: his job as the troubleshooter for Carnival Cruise Lines, in which he had to take the maiden voyage to make sure all systems were in order; or his adventures troubleshooting computers for stockbrokers. I still remember the line, "I've had daytraders do what daytraders do when their computers are down for two hours in the middle of the day."

I've peeked at his page on LinkedIn, and it looks like he's still living a delightfully colorful life as an entertainment lawyer and screenwriter. I hope he remembers me as fondly as I remember him.


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