Class of 2012

There was so much bad press about lawyers, law schools, and law students, that it's a miracle that I had a class of 2012. Ironically, there's so much turmoil in the admissions world that this year's class, like last year's, may end a year later, after the transfer results come in. First of all, I didn't have clients this year: I had families. Younger sisters, cousins, moms and dads who were active participants in the melodrama of law school admissions made my life, if not festive, at least Italian! My Philly and New York Forum trip is a perfect example.

However, to lift a quote from Spencer Tracy, referring to Katharine Hepburn in Pat and Mike, "There ain't much meat on them bones, but what there is, is choice."

Our Greatest Success!

Erica's admission within 12 hours after hitting the "submit" button was an incredible accomplishment for both of us. We knew the school was a serious longshot, and there was no reason to submit an app unless the essays were superlative. We wrote, edited, discussed and dissected until May 5th. Then I picked up the phone and let the school know we were ready and asked for permission to send. We got the approval, hit the button, and before I woke up on the west coast, the east coast was celebrating.

My part of the success came when I called to say thank you. The admissions officer said, "Those essays were so good I read them from beginning to end; that's the only time all year that I've done that."

Mary Atalla chose not to wait a year to improve her LSAT score, and is attending a CA-approved law school instead. We got the app together and an acceptance in hand in about three weeks. Congratulations, Mary!

Emily got a wait list call from Wash. U. in August, but she'd already signed a lease, etc.

Mitra's acceptance took over a week, but only because the Dean of Admissions was out of town at PLANC (the Pre-Law Advisor's National Conference).

Nick transferred from Miami to GW, a much better fit given his military background.

Sal made perfect grades and Law Review at Houston.

Dennis was named founding Editor of GW's Communications Law Journal. He parlayed that into a job to start this fall, after the Bar Exam.

Garry got his LL. M. in Tax Law from Georgetown and is adding a SaLT (State and Local Tax) certificate this fall.

Greg got settled into Boston; he called me after his first week to tell me how helpful the Intro to Law School class was, and how excited he was to be in law school and not terrified.

Charlie got his MCAT score back, and we improved his numerical score by 2 points (big deal in MCAT-land) and his writing sample (yes, for med school they grade them) by 3 steps out of 10. It completely changes his list of schools. He was admitted to Wayne State med school, his first choice, since he'd done his undergrad there and was comfortable with the environment and friends. Congratulations, Charlie!

Charlie also reported a cool job for big brother David, but I keep forgetting what it is.

I got my stained glass tools out of storage and am making a window for my housemate and former employee Aaron.



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