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The Finish Line!

[Legendary runner Wilma Rudolph at Madison Square Gardens]

I need to learn flash to add fireworks here!

Gary got into the LL.M. program in tax law at Georgetown. He's finished his bar exam and his guest appearances on my web page, and after a brief visit home here in Seattle, he'll be heading to DC.

2012 update: Gary's diligence and personality earned him a spot as Teaching Assistant for the IRS Continuing Legal Ed. program!

Sal Subasinghe attended UW's Law Fair here in Seattle. He learned that his engineering degrees and experience would offset a low LSAT score. His CLEO acceptance and his attendance at my ILS class offered hope of moving up a bit, and that work paid off. Sal managed to turn his stellar performance at CLEO and his engineering background into a seat at Houston. This was definitely a dream school, and I'm gratified that he attributes part of his success to my Intro to Law School program.

2012 update: I hope my program had something to do with it, because he's achieved the unheard-of — straight A's, all "Best Paper." UH Law is inventing an award to give him!

Karl Neumann is a champion student for adventurousness. After CLEO and Northeastern offered him seats, he spent three weeks touring the east coast to decide whether he wants to spend three years there. Now he may not come home at all! He missed his plane accidentally-on-purpose, because he just couldn't see enough of Boston, New York, Philly and DC. Ka Sandra Rogiér's mother offered her hospitality to Karl in DC, and likes him so much she calls him "my other son." A special thank you to KaSandra for helping arrange a place for Karl to stay, to Mom for being so open-hearted, and to Karl, for being the kind of guy whom people like to help.

Karl turned his CLEO performance into a seat at Illinois! It doesn't offer the excitement of the east coast, but Illinois is his choice and a good one.

2012 update: Another wow — Dean's List!

Elizabeth began the application process late; she re-took the LSAT in February, but canceled her score after having an unimpressive day. We got a quick admission to Cleveland Marshall to take some of the stress off, then a seat at Pacific-McGeorge in May. And in August, she got into Connecticut, winning the annual last-minute pool. She was already driving the U-Haul when the call came.

Nick Lehr started the year off; we met at the Miami Law Forum, chose schools and knocked out essays before he had to return to Afghanistan. When he shows up for my Intro to Law School class, he'll see he's a champion in my book. So far he has admissions to Miami and Maryland as well as CLEO.

2012 update: Another award-winning performance — Dean's List # 3! With any luck, there may be a transfer to a dream school here.

Erica Romain also joined us in Miami; her personal "Devil Wears Prada" story plus some solid numbers have garnered her acceptances at Carolina, Wisconsin and Ohio State, and some fine scholarship offers as well. Carolina offered her a grant which, when added to her status as a state resident, made this an easy choice for her.

Dean attended the DC Forum with us, but his classic "too busy to apply" story meant a lot of late applications. He got an early acceptance at New York Law School to keep the wolves at bay. Widener and a few others joined the ranks, but the winner was Baltimore — I think the choice was based on "least likely to snow."

Danny Frias met with me in Los Angeles in September, although he didn't attend the Forum since we reserved this Forum for data-gathering. We visited the Getty Villa, discussed retaking the LSAT, and applied to CLEO. When a business commitment made it impossible for Danny to take the LSAT again, he chose to sit out the year. Then CLEO offered him a seat, and, like the song from Oliver, we chose to think it out again! Danny chose to attend CLEO, but with the economic difficulties in the news, stayed home to help with the family business instead of taking a seat in law school.

Tae-lim joined me in Chicago, began working on applications, then returned home to Korea. From then on, life was chaos. War is definitely a hindrance to law school applications, or anything else. Nonetheless, we have an acceptance at Case Western with a hefty scholarship that topped all other offers.

Yingying also attended the Chicago Forum. We knew we needed a higher LSAT score to get into her target schools, and she's one of the 5% to get a giant improvement. With it came an acceptance letter to U. Texas at Austin. A good score wasn't her only asset; her essays were diligently written, with special care to personalize them for each school — not by adding the school's name, but by discussing programs, faculty, and connections to the cities. Texas is her top choice for programs, and her husband's company was able to accommodate him, so Austin won out.

M. was my third protegé at Chicago, and is a classic example of an immigrant with trouble assimilating. We haven't completed a single application, because we haven't gathered the DMV records to explain the suspended drivers' licenses for failure to pay simple traffic tickets. I'm still hoping, but we may have to wait until next year on this one.

Christina Kefalas, another local student, was able to turn good grades and an interesting story into an acceptance at William Mitchell, despite a low LSAT score. She also has an acceptance at Ohio Northern. She decided that a smaller town would be better for her first venture from home, so Ohio won out at the last minute.

Taylor was my Houston client, I'm pretty sure. I know I had one, and he's the only guy I can think of. After he heard how hard it is to get into law school, and how much harder to stay there, he's sitting out a year while he decides whether that level of commitment is for him.

Camelia had applied several years ago and felt that her LSAT kept her out. She's hoping that a few years more work experience will offset the weaker elements of her file, but so far her best result is a wait list.

Sandra will join our Intro to Law School class in an effort to be admitted to U. Miami's J.D. program after having completed an LL.M. there. Her fiery Colombian temper should enliven the classroom, as will her understanding of the differences between civil (code) law and common law.

Mitra, Paul, and Raffi all need to wait another year while we figure out transcript problems. One of the saddest part of my job is having to tell someone, "You can't get in until we fix that problem." If the client is willing, though, we usually can find an answer.



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