Class of 2009

2009 was the year of the crisis -- or rather, calendar 2008 was, affecting the class entering in the Fall of 2009.

I started with my smallest class ever; a diagnosis of cancer right after the law forums left me taking only three more clients in the last five months of the year. I quickly saw that I needn't have worried; the clients had far more problems than I did!

Nonetheless, the people who managed to submit applications are doing quite well.  

Dannielle got into Wisconsin with a great financial aid package and is very happy with both the social support and the programs open to her, so she's ready to head northwest a tad from her present home in Chicago.

Darryl got the best deal he could have asked for: a seat in Santa Clara's evening division means he can spend each day playing with new daughter Caroline, and his wife Sarah won't have to leave her job. Both parents are thrilled; Caroline is too young to express a clear opinion.

David has a seat at Case Western, and he fell in love with Wake Forest when he visited. Eventually, however,the realities of the job market (Wake places primarily in the south; Case places in the north and midwest, where he'd eventually like to practice) caused him to let go of southern charm and look for housing in Cleveland.

2010 Update: David's excellent grades enabled him to transfer to Wash .U. I think they're keeping him busy, because I haven't heard a peep from him.

Dominic is holding a seat at St. Louis U., where he survived his first year in one piece.

JohnPaul has racked up quite a nice list: the U. of Washington, Hastings, and Notre Dame, all lost out to Georgetown's evening program. Wife Kelly has family there to help with the two babies, so all are happy. 

Kenny has a seat at Rutgers Newark, but transfer options may come his way.

Kerrian applied to one school -- William Mitchell -- around June 15, and was admitted about 10 days later. That's the shortest and sweetest story I've written in a long time!

Kunal also has had quite a successful year. So far he's in at Boston U, UConn, Emory, GW, and Virginia. But he's also in wait list purgatory. At the last minute, Duke came through for him, giving him a great school and mom's home cooking!

Liz is one of my "dynasty" stories. Big brother Dan, my client in 2006, is studying for the Florida Bar Exam as I write. And younger sister Katie will decide next year whether I'm helping her apply to law school or dental school.

Liz had two goals in applying to law school: staying close to home, and developing litigation and negotiation skills. Stetson fills both bills admirably, and Stetson is where she'll go.

Queenie (okay, Victoria) did well at CLEO, and she won big; she's now living in Salt Lake City and attending the U of Utah!

TJ, or Thomas on his voice mail, got the brass ring on this year's carousel -- a trip to Ohio State U's Law School! We were literally speechless when we got the news. The whole conversation was a long silence, punctuated by occasional phrases like, "wow!" and "I can't believe it!"

Vanessa was admitted to Southern Illinois, and was offered a seat at Texas Wesleyan as a result of her performance in their summer program. Southern Illinois waved some dollars at her, and off to Illinois she went.

A few people are in that horrible limbo known as "hired me last year, will apply next year." Both Jose and Lingxi had problems turning their visas into green cards, so they decided to wait to apply. Lingxi has received his good news, but Jose still awaits the decision.

And both Terri and Kristina were admitted to law school, but couldn't accept the offer because family obligations prevented their relocating. We're exploring deferrals, job changes for the men in their lives, and different lists of law schools for next year.

Another Medical School Success!

Mae (who can also be seen in this picture, diagonally opposite Alison) and I met in ceramics class, and after a year or two of sharing a potter's wheel, she asked for help with her med school interviews. She's my biggest med school success ever -- seven interviews, and seven offers! She's withdrawn her other apps and chosen the new med school in Yakima so she can be close to home, where she wants to practice.

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